What is TOUGH?

Tough is an interesting word. It has good and bad connotations. The dictionary will tell you that it means: “Strong enough to endure adverse conditions, or rough or careless handling” AND “able to endure hardship or pain.” But it can also mean, stubborn, incorrigible and difficult to deal with.

Offensively and defensively and many times with both behaviors so interwoven that they are inseparable, women are the definition of TOUGH.

One of the aspects that make women tougher than say, men, is that traditionally their toughness is invisible. Western society is only just beginning to accept outward signs of “toughness“ in women. Our strength is a quiet endurance test to avoid being seen as attention seeking, aggressive or weak. Worst of all the ones who judge women on the validity of their strength or circumstances are quite frequently other women.

This blog was created to celebrate our strengths, discuss our trials and tribulations and to VALIDATE the emotions that we, as women, experience on a daily basis. Whether is be illness, loss of relationships, abuse or simply growing older and facing the changes that come with life, we have proven that women are the toughest of the TOUGH


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